Preventing Climate Change while developing sustainable communities and cultures through rain forest preservation

Our mission is to reduce the worlds carbon footprint by preserving the rain forest. While doing this we improve the quality of life of the indigenous population of the country the rain forest is in. This is achieved by monetizing the "R.E.D.D." (Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) carbon credits generated from protecting the rain forest.

We are the First Generation to feel the effect of climate change and the Last Generation generation who can do something about it.
Barack Obama, Former US President
Climate Change

Our planet is ever changing and our team at GEC is dedicated to the longevity of the planet and its rainforests.  Click the link below to learn more about climate change and what you can do to make a difference!

Calculate your Carbon Footprint

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Social Impact

GEC is dedicated to improving the lives of the indiginous people of Africa and the world.  Click the link below to learn about our social projects.

Carbon Credits / R.E.D.D.

Carbon Credits / Offsets are assets that can be purchased to offset one's Carbon Footprint in an effort to mitigate the environmental crisis know as climate change. Click the link below for more information.

Who is GEC?

GEC Communities is comprised of a team of seasoned professionals from various business disciplines who are applying their collective abilities to the carbon credit market.

The GEC Process

Our Technology

GEC, in conjunction with the brightest minds in our universities across the country, will deploy the most innovative and efficient technologies we can source to impact and improve the lives of the people and wildlife that reside in the regions we are working with. 


GEC will draw on the diverse skills of our professional team to bring the highest level of innovation possible to the carbon credit markets and our projects. 


GEC views the education and improvement of skills of the people who live in the areas we impact as the core value to our long-term success. 

User Experience

GEC’s goal is to provide our clients who purchase carbon credits from us with ease of access to their data while providing full transparency about our processes and related projects. 

Our Company

GEC’s plans to become one of the largest suppliers of carbon credits in the world. We will accomplish this by working with a number of countries to protect the rain forest and to replant previously damaged forests.

Trusted Relationships

A carbon credit is a way to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address climate change. It is a financial instrument that represents an activity that results in a reduction or removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Companies, governments, and other organizations can buy carbon credits as a way of offsetting their own greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon credits are created through activities such as protecting forest areas, planting trees, or implementing energy-efficient technologies. They can be bought and sold on a carbon markets. The goal of carbon credits is to create a financial incentive for organizations to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and slow down climate change.

Carbon Credits are important because the revenue generated from their trading creates cash flows used to support businesses and related activites that reduce or eleminate carbon from the atmosphere.

To calculate an individual's carbon footprint, you can use our online calculator that asks about your lifestyle and consumption habits, or you can calculate it manually by adding up the emissions from different activities in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of commonly asked questions about the market and our process.

Have a Question?

Have a question for us or just want to explore options on how your carbon credit purchase helps to protect the planet?  Input your info and one of our GEC representatives will reach out!