Become Carbon Neutral for $8.99 per Metric Ton

Tropical rain forests play a vital role in the functioning of the planet’s natural systems. The forests regulate local and global weather through their absorption and creation of rainfall and their exchange of atmospheric gases which assists in the prevention of climate change. These rain forests are considered to be among the largest forms of carbon sequestration in the world. One must consider the atmosphere of the globe is one closed system so it does not matter where in the world the carbon is created it can be absorbed by the forest half a globe away. The Amazon and the African basin rain forests create 50-80 percent of their own rainfall through transpiration. Cutting the rain forests (especially clear cutting as many logging companies do in these regions) changes the reflectivity of the earth’s surface, which greatly affects global weather by altering wind and ocean current patterns, and changes rainfall distribution. If the forests continue to be destroyed, global weather patterns will likely become more unstable and extreme while carbon absorption (through photosynthesis) will continue to be diminished.

A key factor in preserving the rain forest is finding a way to change the pattern of the government and the local population from using the forest and its related destruction (ie: logging concessions granted by the government, burning the tress to create charcoal and clearing for rudimentary farming efforts by the local population) as form of revenue or as a way to live. Our program of generating
R.E.D.D. (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation ) carbon credits is a key way to preserve the rain forest. By monetizing these carbon credits we are able to provide replacement income for the government to carry out social programs. GEC Communities will work in close concert with the government to find the most impactful ways to help the indigenous population benefit from this program. Additionally, to the extent the income from the sale of the carbon credits is used to create jobs, housing and an improved standard of living, the local population can be redirected from using the destruction of the rain forest as a method of feeding and housing themselves.